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React: Designing a Board Game App

By Sebastian Günther

Posted in React, Bg-app-series

Hello! I’m Sebastian, an IT project manager and developer in Berlin. I’m also crazy about board games: playing a lot, logging game scores and writing reviews.

Board games are fast evolving hobby: In 2019, about 5000 new games were published! Although I’m well connected with the Berlin board games community, it’s still hard to catch up with who is playing what. Specifically, I would like to know when my friends signal an interest to play a game, or when they bought a new game.

For this specific information need, I started to develop a web app. The app shall help you to put together a collection of board games that you are interested in, and to find people with similar interests.

The tech stack is React, Express, MongoDB. It’s still some time before releasing, yet I have already learned a lot about a broad range of topics: React functional components, React hooks, React Redux, CSS flex box design, CSS animations, React transition groups, acceptance tests with puppeteer, NoSQL databases, REST APIs and more. I want to help others to get along with these topics, and therefore will write small blog posts about the most interesting topics, reflecting what I learned.