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Hello! I’m Sebastian, an IT Project Manager and DevOps working in Berlin.
This is my personal blog where I write about my projects.

The first project is a board game app. Board games are fast evolving hobby: In 2019, about 5000 new games were published! Although I’m well connected with the Berlin board games community, it’s still hard to catch up with who is playing what. I’m creating an app for that. The tech stack is React, Express, MongoDB. It’s still some time before releasing, yet I have already learned a lot about a broad range of topics: React functional components, React hooks, React Redux, CSS flex box design, CSS animations, React transition groups, acceptance tests with puppeteer, NoSQL databases, REST APIs and more.

The second project is titled infrastructure at home. At home, I have a Linux server and several raspberry pi 3 and 4. Applications that run on them are managed separately, which is cumbersome and repetitive. Then, three different goals came together: to have a private cloud at home, to use Hashicorp Nomad and Consul for application management/service discovery, and to use Ansible for infrastructure management. So, I started to build a private cloud at home, a journey which is teaching me a lot about mentioned technologies and fundamentals like DNS, HTTP and TLS.

Both projects will be covered in this blog with articles explaining the technologies, showing how to use them, and essential learnings.

This blogs builds upon Skeleventy, a great template for the static side generator 11ty.